Tango Opens New Strategic Growth Opportunity by Launching New Workplace Functionality – Report by Verdantix

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Innovation has been in our DNA. We address existing problems – and unarticulated needs.

Collaboration = Inspiration

Partnering with the industry’s leading minds means we bring a diverse set of capabilities to all initiatives.

Customers: The End Goal

Rather than developing solutions looking for a problem, we innovate to create better products and increased value for our customers.

The Leading Edge of Data Science

Employ innovative technology to find new and revolutionary approaches to solve old problems. Data meets models meets technology.

The Team

Our focus on innovation has attracted some of the best and brightest in the industry, and TangoLabs brings together thought leadership and know-how from three key departments in our organization: Product Strategy, Data Science and Product Development. Tango Labs is truly a cross functional innovation center, leveraging technical and business expertise.


Next-Gen Sales Forecasting & Market Optimization

Enhanced AI solution that empowers retailers and corporate organizations with powerful insights to make smarter, more informed data-driven decisions around their real estate and facilities strategies.

Return to Office

Collaboration with PwC on a POC, leveraging a three-stage framework – Return to Work Safely, Monitor Adherence to Policies, and Space Management & Optimization – that will be tested by Tango.

Drive Time Engine

Global proprietary drive-time engine that self-calibrates on real-time data on a country-by-country basis. Internationally, Tango has developed a proprietary OpenStreetMap drive time engine.

Spatial Recognition

AI-fueled tools that analyze CAD drawings to identify and classify space, determine usage and enrich data sets.

Space Optimization

Generate optimal space layout options, leveraging advanced AI capabilities, that maximize utilization while accounting for departmental affinity, needs, preferences and constraints.

Auto Wayfinding

AI-enabled wayfinding to create the ‘Google Maps’ of office navigation at the push of a button.